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What does it take to become a SONIC franchisee? The franchise fee is $45,000 with a total investment for a traditional SONIC ranging from $1.1MM to $1.6MM plus land costs. SONIC® is Small Business Administration (SBA) approved. The term of a traditional SONIC franchise is 20 years, plus a 10 year renewal.


Non-Traditional SONIC®

SONIC is developing non-traditional concepts as well. More information is available in our FAQs.

*Please see the Franchise Disclosure Document and the Sonic License Agreement for a description of services SONIC is required to provide. The section above is not intended to modify the descriptions and requirements contained in the Franchise Disclosure Document, the Development Agreement or Sonic License Agreement.
*Market type is determined by SONIC based on the market penetration (people per drive-in) and drive-in tenure in the market. Market classifications are updated periodically.
*Small Town requires the ability to secure financing in towns with 12,000 in population or less.

Tom and Beth

The support from other SONIC franchisees is amazingly cooperative, from ideas to sharing of financial information. And the people are what makes the Sonic Brand simply the best franchised brand out there. The support from all facets of the SONIC organization has been second to none. SONIC lends support where needed, but also allows our entrepreneurial spirit to thrive in our individuality. This is invaluable.

- Tom & Beth Behrle, Franchisee of SONIC Drive-Ins, MD


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